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The neighborhood’s signature fishy aroma dissipates, as one more downtown remnant of New York City’s former pre-eminence as a world-class seaport has moved away. Forgotten Tour #58 met at the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse, seen in the title card, at 10AM saturday, August 26, and the raindrops again were nowhere to be found as has been the case with all FNY tours so far in 2012.Old pictures of South Street show sloops, square-riggers, clipper ships and many other classes of vessels docked right next to the street, which formerly abutted the East River. New York City has formal, informal and completely accidental hommages to those who died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912.Two hundred years before, a dry goods store called Bowne & Company had opened, and it later focused on printing, especially financial documents like prospectuses and merger proxies.One of its customers was Lehman Brothers, the investment bank that collapsed in 2008.Print shops of this type originated common phrases like “uppercase” and “lowercase” as the letters were once kept in 2 separate cases.

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It has an ornamental tin cornice and a late-covered mansard roof.It was built on the water’s edge, as Water Street marked the original shoreline. It was originally listed as a “grocery and wine and porter bottler”; in that era, groceries sold wines and spirits and were issued liquor licenses.A hint of the Seaport’s old flavor as the Fulton Fish Market can still be seen on Beekman Street between Front and South.In the early 1900’s, Morris and Minnie Slavin opened a small fish store in Brooklyn, New York in order to support their growing family.As soon as their sons Herb, Jack and Barry were old enough, they joined their parents in what was the beginning of the Slavin organization. The handsome structure was built in 1873 and was purchased 10 years later by liquor merchant Henry Mayer and converted to a hotel and a boardinghouse.

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