Updating knob and tube

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Remove the spring and turn the lower on its end, buffer tube towards the bench and tap it gently to remove the detent. The choices in barrels may seem overwhelming at first, but the basics of selection are fairly easy. Daniel Defense hammer forges, then chrome lines their barrels.

I prefer direct impingement guns to piston driven guns, so direct impingement it is. Sight radius is determined by the length of the gas system, rifle (longest) mid length or carbine (shortest). This yields an incredibly durable product that last for thousands of rounds.

Consider this, the barrel was fairly heavily used when I purchased it a few years ago- now we are well past the point of getting my money’s worth out of it.

The trigger pins had begun wearing away at the receiver until I installed KNS pins three years ago.

The cover should be driven open by the spring, if the cover is not under tension to stay open, you installed the spring backwards. To aid in the process, Brownells makes an AR15 front sight bench block (080-000-252) specifically designed for the task.

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The hodge podge of parts are covered in multiples layers of chipped paint highlighted with various witness marks and arrows drawn on with an assortment of paint markers. This rifle, equipped with A2 sights and an A2 stock is similar in appearance to the M16A2 I was first issued in the Marines.

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Begin by ensuring that the rifle is pointed in a safe direction, with the selector on “safe”. Then the bolt is locked to the rear and the chamber and magazine well are inspected TWICE to ensure that no ammunition is present.

With the screw removed, slide the stock to the rear and remove it from the rifle. This spring engages the detent that keeps the rear detent spring in place. Once the screw securing the pistol grip to the lower receiver is removed, carefully remove the pistol grip. The detent may be stuck in the hole, turn the receiver right side up and move the safety, the detent should drop out. Upper Receiver: I started this upper receiver build by selecting the barrel I wanted to use. Daniel Defense’s 16″ M4 profile barrel (100-005-853) fit the bill.

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