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Discover how to enrich your marriage by allowing God to develop Christlike characters, such as forgiveness, love, respect, and perseverance in each of you., Author Gary Chapman studies the five ways in which couples communicate with each other.Ensor starts with Genesis, looking at God’s original design for the family. (Jason Illian)Two things stood out to me while reading this book: 1.I appreciated reading something from the perspective of a single Christian guy–someone who had actually experienced dating, break-ups, etc. Illian is really funny, and his sense of humor makes this book a very entertaining read.

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I appreciate and recommend books that are true to biblical values without being legalistic.Incredibly, Authors Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey present every man's guide to learning and fulfilling what every wife desires most.With time-tested biblical wisdom and down-to-earth applications, this book teaches Christian men how to discover their wives' secret desires and win her heart. Emerson Eggerichs helps couples have a happier, more fulfilling marriage by learning the different communication styles of men and women.The dating scene can be tough enough for anyone, but when you are searching for a like-minded Christian partner, it can be even tougher.There are dating sites targeted towards Christians, and there are also quite a few other interesting websites with tips for finding a Christian partner for life. Here is a list of the top three dating books for Christian singles.

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