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Q MATT JARRETT The Misconception of Randal Bimford A faulty social security number, fried eggs, a strange dog, and a taxidermied cat culminate in a staggering moment of enlightenment for one man leading a life of monotony and isolation.They are perceived as independent and more experienced, and subsequently clearer about what they’re seeking in a relationship.The coin also shows her that love 't about avoiding risks; it's about ing them.ANNE Mc NALLY Director of Special Projects SARA MARKS Copy Editor PETER DE\TNE Research Editor JOHN BANTA London Editor HENRY PORTER West Coast Editor KRISTA SMITH Special Correspondents DOMINICK DUNNE.ANNE FULENWIDER, MICHAEL HOGAN Fanfair Editor PUNCH HUTTON Photography Research Director JEANN1E RHODES Deputy Art Director CHRIS MUELLER Associate Editor HEATHER HALBERSTADT Production Directors DINA AMARITO-De SHAN.

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