Signing dating paintings

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(Duchamp’s, for instance.) So when artists first start painting, most often they sign their work simply because Another reason to sign your artwork is to claim ownership of it, and to prove that YOU, not anyone else, created it.Art forgers not only need to re-create the work of art they’re forging, but to perfectly replicate the signature of the artist.” says Gary Tinterow, Engelhard Curator of 19th-Century European Painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.“For Renaissance artists, Dürer, for example, it’s a stamp to say, ‘I made it, and here’s what I’m recording at this moment.’”Then there is “signature as advertising,” Tinterow continues.

As the lunch went on and on, and his guests were getting restless, Picasso—famously a bit of a cheapskate about small things—finally requested the bill. ” Picasso answered, “I’m buying the meal, not the restaurant.”Jack Flam, author of the recent (Westview Press), relates this story—probably apocryphal, he notes—to illustrate what he calls the “power of the signature.”Interest in the artist’s signature didn’t begin with Picasso.But first, here are a few reasons why artists DO sign their work.For centuries (millennia, even) artists have signed their art.And when I’m looking at artwork, I like to think that the signature is just a point of interest (like the price tag) and that it doesn’t change how I feel about the art itself.Ultimately, however, I know that’s not always true.

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