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The mindset can in some cases lead to Honor-Related Abuse, especially when based on race/ethnicity/religion.

This is a primary source of much of the unfortunate negative attitudes towards mixed couples, such as black man/white woman and Asian woman/white man pairs (see Where Da White Women At? The type is usually more passive-aggressive, and one of the big reasons why being a self-defined "Nice Guy" might mean something entirely different from actually being good or even nice.

His wife of 14 years, Jackie Sandler, looked fabulous in a pastel blue bikini that highlighted her toned legs and taut tummy.

She later threw on a black zip-up jacket and a light brown straw hat to block from the sun.10-year-old Sadie and eight-year-old Sunny, each sporting colorful bathing suits, seemed to love being in the company of their parents.

There are several basic ways in which Bob can justify his sense of entitlement (all of which can also apply the other way around): type is usually more aggressive, and often the (implicit if not explicit) attitude of The Native Rival to the Mighty Whitey for the hand of The Chief's Daughter and/or Nubile Savage.

Or any other male prone to accuse people of being a Category Traitor.

And off screen, Adam Sandler is just as much of a leading man when he's with his family.

The former justification often goes hand-in-hand with the latter.

If Alice complies, she might even discover that Bob is willing to take his sense of entitlement further still.

Bob identifies himself with a community, a nationality, a religion, a subculture or whatever.

As such Bob feels Alice is obligated to be with him, one way or another.

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