Shear characteristics and design for high strength self consolidating concrete

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As the SCC viscosity can be adjusted depending on the application, the yield stress must remain significantly lower than other types of concrete in order to achieve self-consolidation.At this time, various mix design methods have been proposed in order to obtain the unique rheological performances of SCC and may lead to different mix designs for a given application.By 1988, the concept was developed and ready for the first real-scale tests.The first paper on SCC was presented at the second East-Asia and Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction (EASEC-2) in 1989, followed by another presentation at an Energy Diversification Research Laboratories (CANMET)/American Concrete Institute (ACI) meeting in 1992.

As a matter of fact, the intensity of energy applied in the consolidation process is adjusted to compensate most plastic property variation.This procedure, which is readily used today, relies on the use of the Abram’s cone (Figure 1).The cone is filled in one layer without rodding and the diameter, instead of the slump of the concrete sample, is measured after the cone has been lifted .They are of tremendous help in understanding SCC’s behavior.However, this type of equipment is fairly expensive and not easy to use on a job site.

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