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The Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler led the savage local resistance to the Turks, but he is remembered as more of a legend than a man - the historical basis for the fictional character Count Dracula from Bram Stokers novel Dracula.However, if you are looking for a goth vampire chick girlfriend Romania is probably not as good of a choice as West Hollywood.There are tons of athletic hotties, because of the tradition of success that began during the communist period.One other issue to remember about Romanian dating is that there is perhaps as big a divide between the country and the city in Romania as in any Eastern European nation.A Romanian girl from the city is usually familiar with Western ideas, entertainment, and news. In fact, Bucharest, the capital and largest city, has a vibrant nightlife.There are lots of good night clubs, restaurants, and hotels. There are good air and rail connections, although it would be a long train ride from anywhere in Western Europe.

In ancient times the Greeks traded in the area, but it was the arrival of the Romans in 101 BC that really left a mark.

So, most sexy Romanian girls are a little superstitious, because it might just do some good, but they aren't interested in being someone's vampire babe, because that's not really practical.

With the Russian's help Romania finally gained independence from the Turks in 1878, but it remained in a poor strategic position and suffered horribly in both world wars.

Romanian gymnasts are the most famous, but Romanian women athletes also won many titles in track, swimming, diving, and other sports.

So, there are lots of sexy Romanian gymnasts and other beautiful athletic Romanian women.

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