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For the 2009 tax year, nearly 1,800 Canadians were sold a program by a company called Fiscal Arbitrators run by Larry Watts.They were told that their taxes could be structured so that they could claim huge business losses and they were promised big refunds.There is an old understanding that taxpayers have the right to structure their tax affairs so as to pay the least amount of money possible. But what happens if you pay thousands of dollars and then get bad advice? refunds and to pay no more than “required under the law.” Many Canadians seek advice from tax experts to make sure they only pay what they owe.By then, Gurtina and hundreds of other clients were facing gross negligence penalties for signing false tax claims. Gurtina was assessed gross negligence penalties and now owes ,000 plus interest.“The CRA has tremendous power, they have the discretion to waive all or part of these penalties” said Milot her lawyer. “The law states that the gross negligence penalty is fifty percent of the tax evaded.” That much is true but the Income Tax Act clearly states there is discretion in waiving penalties after they are applied, “The Minister may waive or cancel all or any portion of any penalty or interest otherwise payable.” Betts also insisted each case involving this business tax scheme was evaluated on its own merits.She asked for help and was instructed to let Larry Watts draft the answer to the CRA.That response letter, which Gurtina later sent to the CRA, was, in tax lawyer Duane Milot’s words, “simply nonsensical.” It was peppered with curious Latin phrases and bizarre references to old tax legislation.

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The Tax Court of Canada has already heard a number of cases involving Fiscal Arbitrators.The words are yearning and mysterious in that crossword-clue fashion so irritating to her detractors, the type who wonder aloud whether her lyrics are written for, about or but elevates that brazen lift with swoonsome vocal layering and a truly off-the-dial reading on the sincere-o-meter.It’s a very pretty song and completes a solid one-two opening punch for the record.There’s no shame in being enamored with the insane, sitcom-style trappings of her origin story; the shy teen sister of Clannad, skulking offstage with her nose in a Moog manual, who went on to sell 80 million records via a genre of music no-one had previously heard of. A bit like if Janet Jackson had accidentally fumbled her way into her brothers’ spotlight, only to surpass them all via her passion for reggae metal., the listener slots straight into the comforting environs of Enya at her most atmospheric, a medieval tinge added by the harpsichord twang to the central melody.

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