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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.I don't think that white (caucasian) women like the idea of ethnic women "stealing" their white men.If any of this interests you, my email is boofjankems13 @ Google. If you're interested, i can send you some pics if you'd like.If not, I hope you find whoever it is you're looking for and it works out beautifully for you. I'm a 38yr old never married, clean living, South Indian girl residing in South India.

Culture, language, traditions, ideas — sometimes thousands of years in the making — this is who we are; hair, skin, eyes — just the outer shell, but ultimately not what makes the man or the woman.

hi, I am 44yrs from Malaysia.attractive,friendly, caring person.

Im looking for a sincere whiteman for a longterm relationship,i think they are caring and serious. please contact me.(bakingnermala at Yservice.m)i am good looking white for me indian women are easy they love me becuse i am white built and american.

YESSS White guy are fascinated by Indian girls/woman. Seek Indian lady message me anytime wa; six one four zero fou four five nine nine one six Skype; SH i s g n @ Yahoo! male from Italy, single, young in look and spirit and i go to India often because i'm interested in meditation and spirituality.

Im Shan 40yo 6'1 tall educated & healthy Australian Aussie guy. Indian women are a big turn on for me, i think their beauty is uncomparable.

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