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Anyway, there are problems mainly because the members have problems. You should know all blogs, stories etc are taken down because of the toxic behavior you referenced. I've taken a HUGE net loss since the site was started.

Compare my charges .95 one month versus mentalillnessdating charges .

And I dont know why Jim doesnt bother to rearrange all moderators, or he even doesnt bother to just say hi in chatroom in rare appearence.My advice, especially If you're a guy, is do NOT waste your time on here. I had a mental breakdown last year when I wrote that review.Truthfully, the site will only make whatever conditions you have, worse. My advice is not to let others make decisions for you. We are one of the rare sites that actually has a free trial period (2 weeks). I tried deleting it before but couldn't remember my password for this. I agree I could have been more hands-on with the chatroom.I know Putin has Midas touch plan - transeurasian project( https://goo.gl/4s FFa9), making money from all round the world to pour into Russia by multitude ways.BBC Documentary too resonated my thoughts - Putin will take out most from world.

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