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It also would have provided a true representation of a market that’s dying.

In any case, if I know what a Bitcoin sold for last week, or a share in my fav weed stock, or a Crypto Kitty, then why should I be kept blind to what this house fetched the last time it changed hands, or to know the frequency and magnitude of price changes?

The days of blind offers and blind bidding wars are over likely. I have a bunch of millenial friends who hate the GTA market and are just over joyed about this finally happening. I don’t see a problem, James is a nosy neighbor, they live, he got all the info he wanted from a realtor. I hope his children put his banks statements and tax returns on youtube. So by extension if the house was up for sale on kijiji for five years that’s James’ business too?

For us we own our house outright anyway so it is not really a concern (we aren’t moving any time soon – probably the next time this house sells will be when the wife dies – she is younger than me by quite a bit and women usually live longer than men). He needs a government dept to inform him about that?

In desperate Markham, one of the GTA’s affluent, hyperventilating exburbs, James’ neighbour’s house had been for sale for an eternity.

Since April, actually, the month when the lights went out for real estate sales, when dark Audis stopped prowling the streets and prices began their sickening descent.

Futures trading begins in about five days’ time, first on the CBOE, then CME and later on Nasdaq, giving money-sniffing hedge funds a way to trash an asset that’s increased 1,000% this year.

But, being nosy and emboldened by a pathetic blog that knows no shame and has had all its shots, he decided to do some research.You have a lot of zealotry, and a lot of people, including me, who think it’s the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of mankind.You have a lot of people who think it’s a bubble and a Ponzi scheme.I think T2 owes us all an apology for allowing this to continue On the heels of a weekend full of threats and promises from governments, bankers, and the mainstream media, Bitcoin was lambasted once again overnight, this time by The People’s Bank of China.For a brief 6 months or so, China was the dominant region for Bitcoin in the world, but then – as capital flows accelerated – the government and central bank began to ‘crackdown’ on crypto, first by banning ICOs and then shutting down local exchanges. Looking back at the crackdowns, QZ reports that Pan Gongsheng, a deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, believes Beijing made the right decisions.

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