Is diana ross dating anyone

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Princess Diana emerged from her divorce with a new style, a new crusade (banning land mines), and a new love, Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, whom she hid from the press for 18 months. Diana never looked better than in the days after her divorce.But, as Tina Brown chronicles in this excerpt from her new book, Diana’s superstar status—and her emotional scars—drove away the man she hoped to marry, sending her into the spiral that would lead to Paris. Above, Diana on a diving board on the Jonikal in Portofino, Italy, a week before her death. Divestment was the name of the game, in her life and in her looks. But that, alongside Quincy Jones' Oscar-nominated original music scoring, wasn't enough: the musical's million price tag was box office poison, and some critics reacted adversarially to either Diana Ross not being naif enough as Dorothy, or Joel Schumacher's est-ian script.

For the sparrow and crow who suffered everything and nothing, the twilight was interiors filled with mirrors and poses.

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"Jackson dances next to Ross, adding polish to her appealingly jerky moves; he does Ross better than Ross." The Wiz shot six days a week, so most nights were spent alone: at home in the Sherry Netherland co-op still reeling from the first "Mr.

Diana Ross" divorce, or sitting in the boardroom at 19, wrestling post-breach from Philly International to Epic.

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