Indian male dating traditions

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An expert Mehndi artist then draws intricate Mehndi designs containing auspicious symbols on bride’s hands and feet.

Other women may also indulge in applying simple Arabic Mehndi designs on their hands.

Female guests are invited to participate in the Mehndi function that is marked with music and dance.

Mother of the bride applies a small dot of Mehndi on bride’s small finger.

Holy fire is lit by the priest, who starts chanting the Vedic verses signifying the start of the wedding.

Lighting of holy fire is also known as vivaah homa.

Churi ceremony may be held with the Sangeet function.

Friends, relatives and family members of the groom accompany Baraat.

During the Kanyaa daan ceremony, father gives the bride’s left hand in the groom’s right hand for the marriage.

The groom promises the bride’s father that he shall protect her and be with her in good times and bad times.

After the vivaah homa is lit, the priest chants Vedic verses for the groom.

After sometime, the bride’s sister or the sister in law guides the bride to the vivaah mandap, where she is seated next to the groom.

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