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Or, if you live somewhere they are easily accessible, simply walk outside and pick up a flat rock. (That’s what I did at the Old Stone House of Brooklyn, a historic site that’s surrounded by children’s park.) Let the flames die down until you have a bed of glowing, hot coals.

Set the slate tiles on top of the coals, and wait about 10 minutes.

The Mesopotamians refined this process around 800 B.

C., using two flat, circular stones, stacked on top one another to grind the grain.

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Initially, many companies were convinced that housewives wouldn’t be interested, and his bread-slicing machine wasn’t installed in a factory until 1928.

In fact, recent scholarship suggests humans started baking bread at least 30,000 years ago.

Prehistoric man had already been making gruel from water and grains, so it was a small jump to starting cooking this mixture into a solid by frying it on stones.

There were three primary innovations that created “modern” bread. Leavening Leavening is what makes bread rise into a light and fluffy loaf.

Bread without leavening is a known as flatbread, and is the most closely related to mankind’s first breads.

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