Dating site for ssbbws

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I think honesty would the best policy on a mainstream site so you weed out those who would reject women purely on body size.I do think dating as a larger woman would be harder but I think how comfortable you are in your own skin also has a huge impact on how you are perceived.Surely there is so much more to you than your weight. I would think a truly wonderful partner would be more interested in who you are. He doesn't have a 'fat fetish' he just liked me - individually - as a human. When you've regrouped and got your headspace together again you'll know how to 'get out there'.Even though I often felt overweight when dating, I just tried to forget about it.My approach is not to apologise or make excuses for my size, just "I am what I am".Not sure of your size, but I weigh 90kg, and I saw a stylist for advice on dressing for my shape.I had a friend of mine try and she is heavier and had success.

Online sites seem harsh but I'm just wondering what tips you all might have for me.There are specialist dating sites for heavier women because that is some men's preferences.I am not sure how comfortable you would be dating some who wants to because you are fat though.You will meet people wether you are overweight or not.That's probably not the issue you should be focusing on at the moment though.

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