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Their common experience was not political, economic, or racial. For that reason, the response to those dramatic hearings constituted one of the great truly feminist events of the modern era.Even though Thomas successfully, and perhaps rightly, survived Hill’s accusations, something in the country had changed about women and work and the range of things men could do to them there. How vitiated Bill Clinton seemed at the 2016 Democratic convention.It was printed seven days after Kathleen Willey’s blockbusterinterview with Ed Bradley.If all the various allegations were true, wrote Steinem, Bill Clinton was “a candidate for sex addiction therapy.” To her mind, the most “credible” accusations were those of Willey, who she noted was “old enough to be Monica Lewinsky’s mother.” And then she wrote the fatal sentences that invalidated the new understanding of workplace sexual harassment as a moral and legal wrong: “Even if the allegations are true, the President is not guilty of sexual harassment.

It slut-shamed, victim-blamed, and age-shamed; it urged compassion for and gratitude to the man the women accused.But Clinton was not left to the swift and pitiless justice that today’s accused men have experienced.Rather, he was rescued by a surprising force: machine feminism.Juanita Broaddrick reported that when she was a volunteer on one of his gubernatorial campaigns, she had arranged to meet him in a hotel coffee shop.At the last minute, he had changed the location to her room in the hotel, where she says he very violently raped her.

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