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I'm on gaurd and was dating a percussionist for a long time, and one of the other girls on gaurd is currently dating the percussion section head. We're at each other's throats constantly, yet tend to have inter-section relationships more often than not. which they were(thank goodness I was in pit and didn't have to deal with that crap. Because I was friends with the guard captains and didn't sever the ties with them just bc my co-drum captain and his groupies did so) The entire season there was constant bickering between the guard and battery. I took the same path I always take" Fun stuff School #2-no dating between the guard and battery. This doesn't really create tension, it just makes things awkward when the drumline and guard have to share the gym during indoor. There's actually more tension between the battery guys because they fight over the guard girls. Having been Drum-Captain for all four years has made this a difficult, yet fun, situation for me.

I am in colorguard for marching band and bells in concert band......

I am a proud cymbal player when we play for basketball games.

Lynn at [email protected] “The Marching Owls” Drumline (KSUDL) Audition Information: When: Saturday, April 28, both from PM – PM at 3305 Busbee Drive Materials will be posted here soon for how to sign up to audition.

Check back by the beginning of March and also keep looking at our Facebook page and Twitter for updates.

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