Code for validating email address in php

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id=40156&edit=2) but it was flagged "not a bug" because these kind of filters are only supposed to filter out illegal characters.Of course if you were to use FILTER_VALIDATE_FLOAT it would just return that the input is not valid. in the domain part, a comment in the source code (in ext/filter/logical_filters.c) justifies this rejection thus: * The regex below is based on a regex by Michael Rushton. I changed it to only consider routeable * addresses as valid.

However, giving the fact that organizations are free to restrict the forms of their own email addresses, using ONLY this filter can you a lot of bounces.

While it accepts any data type, the first parameter will always be cast to string before being validated or sanitized.

It seems that this function was designed strictly to be used on user input strings. When using it for anything other than that, you may see issues. Especially note that there is an (to date) unresolved issue (#49510) concerning the Boolean filter while using the FILTER_NULL_ON_FAILURE flag.

Valid or not, no domain name with Unicode chars on it will pass validation. We replace every one of those chars by "X" and check again.

We can circumvent this with a home grown solutions, but C code is C code, so I've gone for the code bellow, which builds on filter_var(). An alternative will be to punycode the URI before calling filter_var(), but PHP lacks native support for punycode. Please e-mail me if you think otherwise or see room for improvement.

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