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The rise of women in the workforce also makes divorce easier.You might feel you’ve reached the water-line of being unhappy and putting yourself on the back burner, and are now capable of taking care of yourself financially and emotionally.Whatever the reason, one day, perhaps after the last child is somewhat older, you wake up and realize that, other than the children, you and your partner don’t have that much in common. Mortality, quality of life, and “me-ness.” We are living longer due to advances in medical science.Sounds good—but an extended life could mean more years of unhappiness in an unfulfilling marriage.Push yourself to speak to men in line at the grocery store, the dry cleaner, pharmacy, or at the movies.One woman said, “I made it a point to make a pact with myself to say hello to at least five new men a week.” It’s a numbers game.

That’s inexcusable and a sure sign that he’s not too concerned about you.In my study about women and love, I uncovered the top reasons for divorce, and tips to manage, triumph, date, and even find love again after a late in life split. Even though infidelity in women is increasing, women still file for divorce more often—and, according to the AARP’s 2004 national survey, twenty-seven percent of the women said one of the top reasons was a cheating husband. Getting married at a young age, having children early, and spending most of your married life juggling work and childcare can contribute to later in life unhappiness.Or maybe you no longer want to tolerate a spouse who absconded with the family income, or physically, emotionally, and sexually abused you or children. Or, maybe you got married on the rebound, out of loneliness, the ticking of your biological clock, or in reaction to a loss of a parent.But if you have developed good life skills and inner strength, you are more able to withstand these feelings and forge a new life. Numerous studies show that isolation compromises your health. The richer you make your world the less likely you will grab the next man out of loneliness.And if you want an intimate relationship, don’t fall into the trap of believing “if it’s meant to be, it will just happen.” This belief is just a smokescreen for avoiding getting hurt.

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    Add friends and make yourself more available to others.

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