Asp net listview itemupdating findcontrol

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The Edit Item Template will contain Text Box controls by default.

The Text Box controls provide basic data entry support for editing a record.

If you switch Eval to Bind for the Selected Value then no code-behind is required. It took me a couple of hours to work out the details in a manner I was happy with.

Protected Sub Form View1_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. The key to binding is the second Data Source for the lookup and understanding the difference between Bind and Eval.

I use a Form View to handle the detailed form page information.

After editing the data contained in the detailed form page, a user can click the save button at which point the Form View’s ASP. NET button click event in the traditional way: When the click event executes, the Form View Update event has already taken place and saved the form results. NET update button’s click event: Protected Sub bt Update Button_Click(sender As Object, e As System.

NET server side code executes, so an alternate solution is required.

For example today I was working on a Web Forms page that has a Gridview presenting data, and that displays a detailed form page for each row in the Grid View in an IFrame when one of the Grid View rows is clicked.

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The Eval method in the script block implies that the Selected Value is read from the outer data source's Customer ID field.

Bind and Eval perform approximately the same function, reading data from a data source. Selected Value End Sub Use Bind for the Drop Down List Selected Value and the code in Listing 1 is not needed. Modify the Customer ID by picking a Customer from the Drop Down List and click the Update button provided by the Form View designer.

The next step is to change out a Text Box for a Drop Down List in the Edit Item Template and get data into the Drop Down List.

To demonstrate data binding for a Drop Down List in a Form View switch the Form View to the Edit Item Template.

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