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Because of this history, this temple has always been an important pilgrimage temple and has always enjoyed the support of the imperial family and the Daimyō of Tosa. The marble statues of Nyoirin Kannon, Gakkō, and Yakushi are considered National Treasures.Near the cave in which Kōbō Daishi meditated is another cave called the 'Twisting Winds' cave.The scenery can be breathtaking and the breeze blowing off the coast is refreshing.

They must not be eaten but, instead, should be held over water so that you can see the reflection of the seals in the water. Before the reflection is made, however, the water is offered in a cup in the tokonoma.

During a severe storm Jizō took the helm of his floundering ship and steered him to safety.

After destruction in the early years of the Meiji Period, the temple was rebuilt in the 1890s.

Being alive isn't what life is about — living is what life is about.

You now have an entire prefecture to walk through while you contemplate this, and several weeks to reinforce what you have realized.

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