Aquarius woman dating a pisces man lidating com

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If you, dear Pisces, find yourself in a wheelchair, you may think twice about the basis of your relationship.

Many an Aquarian has devoted her life’s blood to the future of strangers, while those closest to them suffer neglect.

Aquarians tend to poo-poo romance, so it is likely to be down-played in this relationship. Aquarians look down on passion as the affect of the Mere Mortal.

That’s okay with Pisces, who is willing to sacrifice anything for those they love — at least at first. They see themselves as godlike, Promethean creatures who are above such things as sexual impulse and the flames of desire.

When they are together, they cherish their shared time, and they usually make every effort to make it special.

Aquarius man Aquarius woman compatibility seems to hit all the right notes.

Deep down inside, there is nothing he wants more than to be bossed around.

They are both very individualistic, very quirky and very intelligent, and they really understand each other in a way that many others do not.

Being air signs, both the Aquarius man and the Aquarius man are interested in sex in a more abstract kind of a way.

Nevertheless, this can lead to a slightly kinky and very unusual love life – and if it keeps them happy, who are we to argue!

This man can completely become spellbound by your electrifying aura and a very, very direct approach.

It will seem that where he is weak, you are strong, and as the self-sacrificing individual that he is, he will gladly extend you the privileges of that territory.

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