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Due to the bad press surrounding the show, Fox canceled an entire line of "exploitative reality specials", including: Plastic Surgery Nightmares, Busted on the Job 5, and The World's Biggest Bitches.

I’m not getting credited for this financially in any way.

I don't feel very strongly about it, but if it is to be kept out of the article then it should be for the right reasons.

The section wasn't a piece of social commentary itself, it was merely pointing out that she has been used by social commentators as an icon of "Chav culture".

Davis also worked from live-action footage of character actress Mary Wickes.

Marc Davis, the sole animator of Cruella in all her scenes in 101 Dalmatians, was initially unsure that Cruella would suit the film, worrying that the character was too comic.

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Sue Wallace , 2 November 2007 (UTC)I'm not particularly in favour of reinstating the section, I'm just saying that the reasoning above by Breed3011 isn't adequate enough to remove it - it seems to be based almost entirely on a misreading of what was written (though at least some of the blame for that would go on the original author).

The section is not social commentary and it's not subjectively analysing her celebrity status, it's simply pointing out the fact that many social commentators have used Jade Goody as a figurehead for what could be called the "Chav Phenomenon" - see for instance this journal article by Keith Hayward and Majid Yar from the University of Kent [1].

Betty Lou Gerson, who had previously provided her voice as the narrator of the opening scenes of Cinderella, was inspired by Tallulah Bankhead when voicing Cruella De Vil.

This is interesting as it is said that Dodie Smith originally conceived the character as an evil parody of Bankhead.

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