Age dating bone fractures

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It’s often eaten raw in salads, steamed, braised or sautéed with other vegetables.

It’s also referenced as red kraut or blue kraut and can provide the much-needed benefits of probiotics in this form due to the fermentation process.

(5) Some research indicates vitamin K supplementation may effectively promote new bone fractures and help sustain bone density, which is why red cabbage is a good addition to an .

(6) During the first twenty or so years of life, skeletal tissue continues to form.

That’s why vitamin K-rich foods like red cabbage are so important to help maintain bone health and delay or prevent osteoporosis.

(7) During the course of the normal human life, cell degeneration will happen no matter how healthy you live.

Just about everyone has eaten cabbage at one point or another in his or her life, whether as a New Year’s tradition or as part of the regular diet. Red cabbage, also known as purple cabbage, is a cruciferous vegetable that’s delicious both raw and cooked.

Red cabbage is not the same as green cabbage, and I’m not just talking about color.

In acidic soils, the leaves usually grow more reddish, while in neutral soils, they grow more purple.

Brassica vegetables like red cabbage, kale and broccoli are thought to aid the body in preventing chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

(8) In a laboratory study from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, researchers compared antioxidant potential of six plants high in anthocyanins (flavonoid pigments that give plants a blue, red or violet hue).

According to scientists at Pusan National University in Korea, kimchi may also protect against obesity, blood clots, age-related degeneration, neurodegeneration and even skin issues.

(10) While both red and green cabbage are good for you, red cabbage packs a more powerful nutritional profile.

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